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We are looking for welders with experience in MIG welding, structural steel fabrication, etc. Welding test and gear required.



As part of our team, the automation engineer will be responsible for designing and testing automated machinery and processes to complete exact tasks in an industrial manufacturing environment.



We are looking for highly motivated individuals looking to improve their careers through hard work and dedicated attendance. Quality individuals with good attendance and ability to learn new tasks. Will rapidly progress to skilled labor positions such as welders, machine operators, and robotic technicians.



The industrial engineer will apply industrial engineering concepts, techniques, analysis and decision tools to implement changes in manufacturing and service operations.



We are seeking computer programmers (CAD designing) to become a part of our team! Internships are available. You will prepare detailed 3-D models of fabricated products as well as identify areas of improvement to increase efficiency.



We are seeking individuals who are self-starters and able to diagnose, research, and repair on their own with little to no guidance. An ideal candidate would be someone who enjoys taking ideas and pieces and creating working mechanical items.

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I certify that all facts contained in this application are true and complete and acknowledge that Northeast Industrial Manufacturing Inc. is relying upon the accuracy of the information provided herein. I authorize Northeast Industrial Manufacturing Inc to verify the accuracy of the information provided herein to the extent permitted by federal, state and local low including, but not limited to background verifications. I authorize former employers, educational institutions and credit agencies to release information concerning me to Northeast Industrial Manufacturing Inc. I also authorize Northeast Industrial Manufacturing Inc to give references and to provide information about me in response to inquiries subsequent to my employment if hired. I understand that falsification, misrepresentation or omission of requested facts may result in the denial of employment; or, if employed, may result in my immediate dismissal. I understand and agree that, if hired; my employment will be for no definite period and may, regardless of the date of payment of wages, be terminated at any time without previous notice and with or without reason, at the will of either myself or Northeast Industrial Manufacturing Inc. I also understand that, if hired, I am complying with the policy of Northeast Industrial Manufacturing Inc to use video surveillance as a means of monitoring company employees and properties. I also understand and agree that no one has the authority to promise me job security or continued employment except the CEO of the Company in a formal written agreement signed by both parties.

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